Salvin AlloSculpt-3D® – Inductive/Conductive

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Salvin AlloSculpt-3D® – Inductive/Conductive


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Salvin AlloSculpt-3D® Bone Putty
Demineralized Cortical Allograft Putty With Cortical Cancellous Chips
1-2.8mm Chips Provide An Effective Scaffold For Bone Cell Migration
• DBM Contains Type I Collagen & Naturally Occurring Osteoinductive BMP
• Mold To Desired Shape
• Resorbable Hydrogel Carrier Resists Irrigation To Keep Graft In Place
• Rapid Mixing With Either Autogenous Blood Or Included Buffer Solution

Confidence & Safety
• Uses Only DBM 100 Percent Lot Tested For Sterility & In Vivo Tested By Animal Assay To Verify Osteoinductive Potential
• Aseptically Processed Human DBM-Based Product
• Donor Tissue Obtained From AATB Accredited Tissue Banks
• Carrier Passes Rigorous ISO 10993 Biocompatibility Evaluation

No Refrigeration Required - Store At Room Temperature
Typical Shelf Life - 2.5 Years
Available In US Only

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